Pastor John Brown

Pastor John Brown. Photo by Louis Cuthbert.

At a ripe age, John Brown in most soundness, and a fresh anointing for the end- time, is sharper and more accurate than ever, and in fervent pursuit of Kingdom assignment fulfillment. Being Saved and unto God since an early age, this young man’s untiring endeavors have proven his love and dedication to The Lord Y’shua Hamashiach (Jesus The Christ) and the working of Ministry. Having faithfully served in many capacities, it is through God elevation, that he adhered to the current demand upon his life. He is the Privileged Wedded Husband to the Lovely Lady Ariel Monet. Gracing this union, is the magnificent, and handsome, Jasper Ian, The apple of His eye. Prophet John is also Founder and CEO of The John Brown International Embassies, A Ministry with a Global mission and contend for authentic FAITH to be restored to a hopeful remnant of the body of Christ. This sphere also encompasses a local Church and Assemblies, The Kingdom Nation, headquartered in Southern California. It also includes a daily radio program, and an International Television Broadcast seen weekly on The Word Network.

With a clear and admirable fancy for the ministry of John the Baptist, as a World traveled Leader, John Brown stands boldly with an irrefutable grasp of the Word of God and walks in a disciplined precision and exactitude in the Prophetic, which illuminates the treasured mantle that rests upon the life of this Twenty first Century forerunner.